Professional marketers have been using “customer recommendations” in various form as a way to market products for a long time, probably for as long as “marketing” itself has been around. Here are a couple of vintage examples which may put a smile on your face.

The importance of reviews for eCommerce

Wanting to know what other people think about a product before you purchase it, is a natural human need. In regular life that often means asking a good friend of their opinion. When we’re online, it means reading reviews. It’s been proven again and again in scientific reports about online consumer behavior, just how important reviews are to achieve solid sales online. Today, even when we’re shopping in physical stores, we go online on our mobile devices to check for reviews or prices.

Because reviews are so important, ReviewAds has created a system which allows any brand or e-retailer to systematically use already available positive product review content in social media marketing (with retargeting). Our system can connect almost any product with a positive, unbiased, native language review. This is done in co-op with review aggregator who has more than 10 years’ experience in the area of collecting and standardizing online product review data. ReviewAds’ system will automatically select the most convincing review content for each ad and both review data from consumers and experts is available.

98% of consumers say reviews have major influence on their purchasing decisions (Steelhouse))

72% always read reviews before purchasing (Steelhouse)

63% of customers are more likely to make a purchase from a site which has user reviews (Iperceptions)

ReviewAds’ take on social media marketing

Above is a simplified illustration of ReviewAds’ system.

Our goal is 100% ROI on ad-spend. To achieve that, we use a collection of tools and techniques in addition to the review data:

Product feeds

We build our own product feeds which includes product data coming from e-retailers such as price, stock availability, images, description. We also embed our own data – the review data. All this data is used to automate large scale campaigns.

Retargeting custom audiences

Using our technology, we can pinpoint the consumers which have demonstrated a high interest in specific products. We even know just how far they are in their purchasing process, for instance if they added a product to their basket but didn’t complete their purchase or if they did in fact complete their purchase (we don’t want to display ads to people who have already purchases the product).

Optimization and ad-bidding

Our system constantly talks to Facebook’s ad API which gives us real time information on the performance of our ads. This allows us to automatically adjust bids and ad content in a way that ensures the highest ROI. For instance; if we see that an ad is performing better in a specific demographic group (like age or gender) our system will assign more of the ad-spend to that target audience.

To get one thing straight; ReviewAds deals in product ads, not branding ads. Product ads traditionally include elements like: price, image, product name, description. In our opinion it’s a far to ‘cold’ message, even if the ad is retargeted to a consumer which have already demonstrated an interest in the product.

To make the ad fit more naturally into Facebook; we spice the ad with review data. Think of the review data as a “recommendation” or a thumbs-up in Facebook-language. The result is that the ad is perceived as a natural part of Facebook’s content, which for us means higher conversion.

In fact, it’s been proved that Facebook ads with review content has 4 times higher click through rate and a 50% lower cost per acquisition compared to regular ads.

An ad with review data.