What if we told you that we have a way for you to seriously increase your sales on the major online retailers in your country?

What if we also told you that it requires no work for from your side and that we will give you detailed performance reports – from total ROI down to demographics data of the consumers who actually purchased your products?

If this sounds interesting to you, please read on…

ReviewAds’ approach to retargeted social media marketing

ReviewAds is not inventing something new. We are simply bringing together existing channels and using fresh ad technology to create high ROI campaigns with directly measured results.

Facebook DPA

Facebook DPA enables us to pinpoint the users who are most likely to convert.

Major e-retailer visitor data

Retarget the visitors who have already displayed a high interest in your products.

Positive reviews

Through our partnership with Testseek.com, we can connect your products with positive, genuine, unbiased & localized reviews.

No work is needed from you, after the campaign we will give you detailed reporting of the results.

Click trough rate

Ads with reviews have 4 times higer click-trough rates compared to regular ads.

Lower Cost Per Acquisition

Because conversion is higher from clicks coming from ads with reviews, the CPA drops dramatically and leads to a higher campaign ROI.

Our ads & how it works

Visitor data from major e-retailers

No more wide shooting! The reason we can offer brands such a precise retargeting of potential customers, is because ReviewAds knows knows which consumers have demostrated an interest in your products.

Think of it this way; most often the online sales happens on the top 5-10 e-retailers in each country. But only a small fraction (around 1% on average) of the visitors who looks at any product page, actually completes a purchase. What we offer here is a simple way for brands to retarget these visitors with a friendly and natural but very convincing message; a social media ad of the product they are interested in, enhanced with review data.

Facebook DPA

The ad platform we prefer is Facebook. Why? Because 71% of online consumers between the ages of 18 to 65 are using that platform. Also because in 2015 Facebook released its “Dynamic Product Ads” and made other important improvements which lets us retarget its users with very high precision.

Facebook also allows us to bring in dynamic content to our ads, enhancing them with review content which dramatically increase their effectiveness. In short, Facebook together with our content and systems allows us to present the right ad, at the right time to the right person. It’s really the future of digital marketing.

ReviewAds – ads with reviews

As a proffessional marketer, you probably already know that positive reviews of your products helps a lot. In fact it may be the most important content in online sales. Look at companies like Amazon and Hotels.com, they early understood the power of reviews and use them everywhere on their pages and in their external marketing efforts.

In traditional marketing, using customer advocay it’s certainly nothing new, it’s been used for decades with a high level of success, be sure to check out some examples and learn more of our ad technology.

If this feels interesting to you, let us help you achieve results you didn’t think possible. Start with sending us an email.