Would you like to receive free leads from social media ads which are enhanced with reviews and retargeting?

If the answer to that question is yes, then you should read on…

What we offer to e-retailers

If you sell products online, we invite you to participate in our manufacturer-sponsored social media campaigns. It’s all very simple; the sponsoring manufacturer’s products which you sell, will be advertised in social media through ReviewAds’ system and the clicks will lead to your product pages. There is no cost for you, only the benefits of high converting click-in-leads from the ads.

Why brands want to sponsor you?

A maturing e-commerce market means new challenges and opportunities for marketers. One of the biggest challenges for manufacturers is finding a marketing activity that has a directly measurable and high impact on their sales in the online channel. ReviewAds’ solution offer brands the opportunity to reach consumers which have already demonstrated a high interest in their products and retarget them with highly compelling ads. For brands, our campaigns is a simple yet very effective way to quickly increase sales online and measure the results.

That is why brands are happy to sponsor campaigns which will benefit you as much as them.

ReviewAds social media ads with reviews

ReviewAds’ combines retargeting, social media, product feeds and positive reviews. By mixing these tools, we have created social media adapted ads which simply convert.

Retargeted ads with reviews fit so naturally into Facebook’s content that they are perceived as genuine social media content. When you think of it, it’s actually what they are because the reviews are unbiased and genuine recommendations from real people who have tested the product.

We invite you to read more about our ad technology.

So how does it work?

ReviewAds’ system knows which consumer is interested in which product and how far they are in their purchasing process. For instance; a consumer may have visited a specific product page then left the website. Or they visited the product page and put the product in the basket, but never completed the purchase. Or the visitor visited the product page and completed a purchase (we don’t want to show ads of the product they already purchased).

ReviewAds also connects your products with honest positive reviews, either expert reviews from Testseek’s vast database of millions of reviews, or your own user-submitted reviews (using Testseek’s proprietary review aggregation technology, we can collect and use your own product reviews in the marketing campaigns if you wish).

All this data enables our software to make intelligent marketing decisions, i.e.; showing the right ad to the right person at the right time.

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Questions & Answers

Is it really 100% free?

Yes, it’s a free service for e-retailers and you don’t have do do any work except integrate the pixel-tag.

I also want to assign a portion of our own ad-spend on these ads, can I?

Yes, it’s possible to run your own campaigns together with us or you could choose to co-sponsor a brand’s campaign or simply run your own campaigns.

So I will have no control which of my products are marketed?

Yes, that is true for the brand-sponsored marketing campaigns. By signing up with us, you effectively give us the right to advertise your products through our system. What we can do and cannot do is stated by an SLA which a part o the contract.

For you own campaigns, you will have full control.

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